• Un solo pour un effet stéréo

    Posted on May 15, 2019

    Hi-FI Remplacer les deux baffles de sa chaîne par un seul et en tirer un son supérieur: David Spring a testé leStereolith, cinquième génération de cette invention suisse.

    Il y a vingt ans, un chercheur fou de Prangins révolutionnait le monde de la stéréo en inventant le haut-parleur qui n'a pas besoin d'être deux pour exister. Concept audacieux, le Stereolith était né de l'obsession deson inventeur de se rapprocher au mieux des sons naturels, obsession nourrie d'années de recherchesfondamentales sur la physiologie de l'écoute. Aujourd'hui, le Stereolith en est à sa cinquième mue et lancesur le...

  • Mini-Box - Maxi Sound

    Posted on May 15, 2019

    The Stereolith Monitor 232 is - by all accounts - a minute loudspeaker. It isequipped with two 13-cm bass-mediums, one for the left and one for theright side, embedded in the same bass-reflex box, plus a 15-mm tweetercontaining an acoustic lens. This latter provides the tweeter with the broad-band-signal capacity. The whole system is magnetically protected and cantherefore be used as a home-cinema speaker next to the TV set without causing colour distortions.The box of the present, limited series, is made of MDF, the future production will ...

  • Stereolith Monitor 232

    Posted on May 15, 2019

    Some 20 years ago, Walter Schupbach produced the Stereolith, in the truesense of the term a nonconformist creation in the loudspeaker market. Sofar, Schupbach's Stereolith single-unit loudspeakers have projected broad-frequency-band signals to the right and the left. His new, daring approach(Monitor 232), goes as far as to emit the high-frequency band in amonophonic way. Schupbach's latest findings have encouraged him torealize this apparent madness. According to his on-going research, it is the1 kHz frequency band that pro...